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Free delivery to your doorstep with any purchase over $75*
Free delivery to your doorstep with any purchase over $75*

Rug Styles and Patterns

Immerse yourself in globally inspired rug designs. From floral elegance to contemporary geometry, our collection offers diverse styles to suit your preference.

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  • Traditional


    Traditional rugs feature timeless, ornate patterns and motifs inspired by historical and cultural traditions. These designs often include floral, medallion, and intricate geometric patterns.

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  • Transitional


    Transitional rugs bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary designs. They combine classic elements with modern influences, creating a balanced and versatile look.

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  • Contemporary


    Contemporary rugs feature cutting-edge designs, often incorporating abstract motifs, geometric patterns, and bold, unconventional shapes. These rugs embrace artistic freedom and experimentation.

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Artificial Silk

Artificial Silk

Our Artificial Silk Collection breathes new life to traditional rug styles. Designed with


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  • Floral


    Floral patterns feature designs inspired by flowers, leaves, vines, and other natural elements. These rugs often incorporate intricate details and curved lines, creating a soft and organic feel in a room.

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  • Geometric


    Geometric patterns consist of various shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and polygons. These patterns are often repetitive and symmetrical, creating a more structured and orderly look.

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  • Bordered


    Bordered rugs have a central design enclosed by a border featuring various patterns, including geometric, floral, or intricate designs, while the border provides a defined boundary to the rug.

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  • Abstract


    Abstract rugs feature irregular and freeform shapes that do not adhere to any specific geometric rules. These shapes can be inspired by nature, art, or emotions and are often open to interpretation.

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  • Striped


    Striped patterns are simple and classic, making them a timeless choice for rugs. They consist of straight, parallel lines running across the rug's surface, creating a sense of order and symmetry.

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  • Solid


    Solid rugs, as the name suggests, have a uniform color or texture without any intricate patterns. They are typically available in a single, solid color or with a subtle variation in shades, creating a monochromatic or minimalist look.

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